Mark Jackson Lighting has been producing high quality light switches and light fittings since 1995.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. We use the highest quality materials and components to create products that are individual, reliable and beautiful.

For the last 20 years we have been creating fittings, where an off-the-peg solution is unavailable, or simply not good enough.

We can produce made to order light switches and electrical outlets, in nearly any format, material and finish to suit any interior.

Designers can complement or use materials and finishes that feature elsewhere in the project.

Bespoke concealed or exposed backboxes and fittings, in addition to custom sizes and shapes, can all be supplied.

Our fittings range from simple and minimal plates in a single material, through a range of finishes, to a combination of materials that can be unique to an individual project.

Almost any format and combination can be achieved, the switches displayed on the following pages are just some of the wide range of possibilities.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement and your ideas.

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